1350 Series Conventional Drive Shaft

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1350 Driveshaft, Standard

This is for those of you who have something more custom and need a 1350 shaft with a single joint on each end. For this to work you will have to have one of the options listed in each of the dropdown boxes below. Measure your flanges or yokes and the length as shown in the video embedded at the bottom of the page. Length measurements should be taken at ride height. Then just select the attachment type at each end, select the tube size, and select greaseable or non-greaseable joints. If you need an attachment type that isn't listed or have concerns about angles, having adequate compression/extension, or anything else please call us to order or for more info. 801-737-0757

If you have a flange, specify whether your t-case or pinion flange has threaded or smooth-bore drilled holes. We will build drive shaft to have the opposite so that the bolts will pass through one thing and thread into the other. 

Select the tube diameter based primarily on length. 2" diameter tube is what we normally use for front shafts due to clearance being a common issue in the front. 3" and 3.5" is what we use for rear shafts. The longer the rear shaft , the larger the tube diameter.  Select the .083" wall tube for vehicles that are primarily driven on the road and the .120" wall option for off road vehicles that are likely to have rocks bang against the tube from time to time. 

This is by no means a complete list of all the options so if don't see what you need or if you have questions please call us! 801-737-0757

The pictures generally represent the shaft you select but depending on options the actual appearance of the shaft may vary.  





Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Samuel Poisal
Great driveshaft

The driveshaft looks to be built very well and is very smooth going down the road. Couldn’t ask for any more.

Ryan Turner
Fit and works great

Driveshaft is great. Fit and construction look top notch. My truck has zero driveline vibration since installing the new driveshaft.

Nicholas Schaefer
Awesome shaft

I ordered my driveshaft for my racecar Wednesday night and had it Friday morning fit perfectly and looked great.

Andrew myers
The last driveshaft you will ever need!

Fixed my breaking shafts and axle angle issues. 12 inch spring lift on my 2001 chevy SAS escalade. Used straight shaft with offset universal on transfer case end. Been beating on it for a few weeks works good. My shaft is 30 degrees at ride height, yikes but they got me a shaft that will work for 30+ degree angles.

Cody Woodard
Cody woodard

Great customer service and when it came in didn’t have any problems with it going in. I’m about to order another one for the rear if that helps