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Axle Shims

Steel shims to go between your leaf springs and your spring perch. These are used on leaf spring vehicles in order to adjust pinion angles and achieve proper drive line geometry. Our shims are 2.5" wide and 4" long, machined from steel, and include a new set of 3/8" diameter center bolts. Select size (in degrees). Measure the width of your springs to make sure they are 2.5" wide as this is not the stock width for some applications. 

Click here for information and photos showing how to measure drive shaft angles.

Use the calculator below to determine the right size shims. The shim calculator figures out the current joint angle, takes into account how much the drive shaft slope changes as a result of the shim, and aims to achieve a 2-3 degree net joint angle. The calculator is only for double cardan rear drive shafts. If you have something else or if you have questions, give us a call. 801-737-0757


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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Abraham Shadbeh
Fixed my vibrations!!!!

Spoke to sales rep named josh or nick, walked me through measuring my angles and driveline. He recommened a 3 degree shim so thats what I ordered. A bit expensive but it fixed my issues. Smooth as butter on my 2001 taco 4x4 with a 3" lift. Im really happy and will come back as a repeat customer.

Cory Sarago
Quality shims

Parts arrived quick and helped fix the caster on my lifted jeep. Good quality and simple to install.

Steven Pettis

Talked to the sales rep. He helped me with my choice of part. Worked perfect.

Gabriel Espinoza
Rear axle shims

Shipping was fast and the quality of the shims were 10/10. My only complaint was with the center bolt pin, but it’s a universal product not much you can do about that. I was left with a couple options drill out the spring perch, buy a new bolt, or shave the bolt pin. I just used a bench grinder to shave off a little from the center pins until they fit snug in my perch. It was a little inconvenient, but it was a simple fix for me.

George Heimrich
Real steel shims

Great product, excellent customer service. I will be back to buy again.