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Excursion Double Cardan Rear Drive Shaft


If you've lifted your Ford Excursion you are probably experiencing vibrations that weren't there before. This is because the lift has changed the angles of the drive shaft. The solution is to upgrade to a double cardan rear drive shaft. This design operates much more smoothly at those increased angles.

Ford is notoriously inconsistent with the parts they used in stock vehicles so we need a couple measurements to build this shaft. You will need to measure the length and measure the flange patterns at the transfer case and rear axle flanges. Refer to the photos on this page for guidance. If you have something other than the options listed you will need to call us for more information or to order. 801-737-0757

We offer two sizes of shaft, in terms of size and strength of the components. The most common is the 1350 series shaft. However, if you have a diesel engine, very large tires, or plan on doing heavy towing with your Excursion you will need the 1410 series shaft. The 1410 series shaft will require and come with pass-through bolts, nuts, and lock-washers. 


  • Double Cardan design is an upgrade which will alleviate angle related vibrations on lifted vehicles. 
  • Built using either .083" wall DOM tube which is lighter and smoother at high speeds, or .120" wall DOM tube for extra dent resistance for serious off-roading. 
  • Best of all every shaft is custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.
  • Choose between the standard 1350 series shaft or the bigger and stronger 1410 series shaft for vehicles with high torque and heavy use. 



Customer Reviews

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Austin C.
Great Quality, fixed my vibrations

After lifting my truck I had a bad vibration from U-joint angles. I spec'd out a new shaft with thick walls and larger U-Joints and I recieved it within a week of ordering. With this new shaft installed and the pinion angle corrected, I have a vibration free driveline. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the work or the way the truck feels on the highway now.

Double check yours

First this shaft has a dodge based flange on one side that will require the use of smaller bolts to install reducing clamping force and adding potential slop. Not sure why they don’t ream the holes to correct size prior but anyway. Second after thousands spent trying to track down vibration it was this new shaft. It was not true or balanced. Luckily someone else posted a comment with the same issue so I had mine checked just in case or my 3rd shop would have replaced my transmission to fix it. No Im not sending it back now for a refund I finally got it fixed, if you want to cover one of the multiple axle rebuilds or the bill to have it trued and re-balanced that would be cool.

Wish I had done this sooner

I put an 8” lift on my 04 Excursion 6.0, about a year ago. I have had an annoying vibration since. But you know how it is, other things are more important. After a bunch of 4+ hour trips to camp I had enough and bought the rear shaft. And lo and behold my vibration is gone! Shipping was extremely quick thank you for everything.