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242J SYE

Slip Yoke Eliminator kit for the 242J transfer case. This will work with either the early or late model NP242J transfer case as long as it is the type that uses the stock 27 spline rear output shaft. It will not work on the 242HD transfer cases that came stock with a 32 spline rear output shaft. It comes with a 1310 series double cardan (cv) compatible yoke. Made for Tom Wood's by Advance Adapters.

Key product features

  • New output shaft (not a hack and tap).
  • Increases the strength of your rear output shaft.
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses standard type output yoke. Does not require a specially machined and shortened yoke or flange. 
  • Maintains the stock speedometer housing.
  • Shortens the output shaft of by nearly 4 inches.
  • Comes with a hole in the housing for speedometer sensor and a plug if the hole is not needed. 

Download installation instructions here and/or watch the 242 SYE installation video below. 

242 SYE

Customer Reviews

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Greg Barela

Very satisfied with my purchase and fast shipping times.

Hamed.A Al-Thohli
best of the best

high quality product and fitment is great.


high quality product,
fitment is nice,

Mark Trevithick
Excellent Quality Components and Instructions

The Slip Yoke Eliminator casting is robust, and machined well. The new center shaft is meticulously machined and of high quality. Instructions for the installation of the SYE are fairly complete and go step by step. Excellent product!

My issue with the instructions, and it should possibly be considered as an addendum for some rebuilders, is that I had to tear down the entire NP242J Transfer Case due to component failure. The included instructions do not go into that depth, and only go as far are necessary. I understand, but needed the additional guidance. I watched various YouTube videos repeatedly to get through the rebuild. A Snap Ring replacement kit would be a wonderful additional option that I would have liked just to have new components.

Marc Coupland
242 sye

This product worked great. Used the video to do the install. Thank you