Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Drive Shaft, Double Cardan

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Toyota Land Cruiser CV Rear Drive Shaft

This is what you need if your Toyota Land Cruiser is lifted and you are experiencing vibrations due to increased angles. Also a great upgrade for Toyotas that came with a stock double cardan drive shaft. This is a rear shaft only and can be made any length you need from 35" to 50" long. If you are looking for a front shaft, look here. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for give us a call. 


Toyota drive shaft lengths and flange patterns vary. In our experience there is no single standard length nor flange pattern for any particular model. To ensure that you get the right thing you will need to take a couple measurements before ordering your drive shaft. You need to measure the distance from your transfer case flange to your differential flange. You will also need to measure the bolt pattern at each end. It is important that you measure the bolt pattern on each end because they are often not the same at both ends. 

Key Product features:

  • Uses 1310 series universal joints. These are the most common size of u-joints there is. Replacement joints are much easier to find than stock Toyota style joints. 
  • Shaft uses 2.5" diameter .083 wall DOM steel tubing. Better quality tubing than stock Toyota shafts use. 
  • Can be built using our greaseable Goldseal joints or non-greaseable joints. 
  • Includes 8 new 10mm bolts and nuts which may be required at either end of the shaft for installation. 

Watch the video below for a demonstration on measuring. The vehicle in the video is a Tacoma but the concept is the same for any Toyota. Call us with any questions.



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kevin Smith
Super stout shaft!

I was impressed how fast the process was from the time my order was confirmed until I actually received it. I installed it on my 96 Toyota 80 series w/ 3” lift and recent re-gear to 4.88’s. The factory shaft was giving vibration and was glad to find out it disappeared after installing the new DC Tom Woods. I’ll soon be ordering another for the front!

Daniel Frey
Rear driveshaft

Was chasing a vibration noise at highway speed for a year now on my lifted fj80 and this finally cured it after a lot of other unnecessary repairs...I am thoroughly pleased

Runs great

New driveshaft fit great on my 97 LX450. The only issue I ran into is the flanges are thicker than stock and the pressed in bolts at the transfer case are slightly short. I dropped the washer and used plenty of locktite and it should be okay. Definitely love the easy access zirks and it runs smooth.

Ben Althoff
All around excellent!

From the purchase experience, customer service...all around a great experience and i will recommend to anyone looking for the same. Huge thanks to the great team at Tom Woods.

Huge difference.

I had my stock drive shafts balanced and new U-Joints put in, made the vibration worse. Changed to the Tom Woods shafts and the Vibration is gone. Great company to work with.