Toyota Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft

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Due to this product's inability to fix Tacoma drive shaft vibrations 100% of the time, and because of the extra costs incurred by us and our customers when handling returns when they don't work as expected, this drive shaft has been discontinued. Sorry, I know some of you were looking forward to getting one of these shafts. No, we cannot make exceptions and just make you one anyway, even if you really really want us to. 


There is now a company making single piece aluminum shafts for the Toyota Tacoma. These shafts are not double cardan shaft, they use a single joint at each end, but they still eliminate the carrier bearing. And because they are aluminum, they are much lighter than the stock shaft and should run very smoothly at high speeds. Click this link to be directed to that shaft.


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This sucks.

Michael Velsmid
Please restock

I have been lining this up as part of a restoration. I’m at that point and was disappointed to see it is discontinued when ready to buy today.

Benjamin Wells
Please, Please bring back the Tacoma one piece driveline!

Please, Please bring back the Tacoma one piece driveline! Just sell it with a NO RETURNS policy. I will gladly buy one from you never to return it again! Your letting a few whiners ruin it for the rest of us. They probably can't even turn their own wrenches and have a local shop or their "mechanic" buddy help them out.


Super ignorant of the company, a Business. To stop selling a product for the reasons stated,

Change your return policies for problematic consumers and market segments Morons, not affect the rest of us.

How about ya'll educate your ignorant shoppers

theres a known issue with the needle bearing riding on the front driver side CV axle that crops up after installing a lift kit. Since I could buy your driveshaft I went under my '21 tacoma and pushed on the CV axle side closest to the transmission and found there was a bunch of play. Everyone needs to watch this