Toyota Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft

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Due to this product's inability to fix Tacoma drive shaft vibrations 100% of the time, and because of the extra costs incurred by us and our customers when handling returns when they don't work as expected, this drive shaft has been discontinued. Sorry, I know some of you were looking forward to getting one of these shafts. No, we cannot make exceptions and just make you one anyway, even if you really really want us to. 


Customer Reviews

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Ed Forrer
2nd gen. TACOMA

I just want to go on record and say, my drive shaft is top notch. It's a shame they are discontinued.

David M
Vibration issues fixed

I've owned 2 Tacoma's in the last 2 years, one an extended cab and one a reg cab.Both trucks had terrible drive line vibes. Both times I have purchased a Tom woods driveshaft for each truck. Tom's driveshafts have fixed my vibes on each truck! Tom knows his stuff,great product and customer service. Thanks again Tom

James Crowell
Great product. Terrific Company!

After having to send it back, because I can't use calipers correctly. This thing works beautifully. Customer service was the best I've ever had. I only hope that they'll bring the tacoma option back one day.


This really blows had everything measured out perfectly I was about to order one and have it shipped but when I got home and ready to order it’s discontinued because customers have unrealistic expectations, it’s going to have a little bit of vibration still your truck is lifted but of course people complain and act like the people who build the driveshafts are ripping them off.
Well I hope you guys are satisfied because all of the complaining and RMA’s due to high expectations and lack of knowledge there isn’t a business now that makes a solid driveshaft that is affordable. cheers to all the stupid fucking cunts with high expectations.

Chad Husband
What should've been there first

Went in easy and quick, spent more time dropping the factory driveshaft. Highly recommend to everyone even if factory shaft is not yet messed up. Really happy with eliminating the carrier bearing entirely. Already planning to swap the front shaft.