ZJ/WJ Grand Cherokee Front Shaft, Conventional Double Cardan

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Grand Cherokee Front Drive Shaft, Double Cardan

Jeep Grand Cherokee front drive shaft replacement is a good idea for almost any ZJ or WJ version Grand Cherokee that is still running a stock drive shaft.  stock front drive shafts used fairly low grade components. Add a lift, bigger tires, and years of wear and tear and the result could be badly worn or even worse a broken stock drive shaft. Tom Wood's Grand Cherokee drive shafts are built using only the highest quality components. 

Key product features

  • 2" diameter 0.120" wall USA made DOM tube. 
  • Bigger and stronger than stock spline stub. 
  • Forged slip yoke. 
  • Greaseable CV center ball.
  • Your choice between Tom Wood's exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints.
  • Comes with new CV bolts with reduced head for ease of installation.
  • Best of all every shaft is custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.

Works well with up to 4" of lift. This shaft is built using our premium XC spline and slip yoke. If your are interested in our XB slip yoke or our shorter S spline, call to order. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee front drive shaft lengths vary a bit and we want to make sure you get the right thing. That is why we require a length measurement before building the shaft. Measuring is simple and easy. You can read more about how to measure in the link below. 

IMPORTANT: Click the link below to make sure you are looking at the right product. This product is a replacement for the Conventional Double Cardan drive shaft. Once there, click the drive shaft photo to go to the tech page showing how to correctly measure.

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

After the installation of a 242HD t/case with a Woods SYE knowing I would need a new rear d/shaft I decided to replace the front also. The shaft is almost too nice to put under the rig. While waiting for the rear shaft to come in I drove around on just the front for a couple days, my vibes were gone! HIGHLY recommended!!

Terry Koryta
Front drive show.

Extremely happy Got my front drive chef for my wj Fit perfect when in With no problem had no vibration great staff quick shipping. Very happy would recommend them highly.

James Menona
excellent customer service

Ordered a front driveshaft for my zj from their website. It was shipped within a few days of ordering. Installed it and still had slight vibes at 80 and above. Called and explained the vibe issue I was having and, without any questions they sent a replacement out the end of the next business day. They included a new strap kit and bolts with Loctite already on the treads along with another set of care and install instructions, stickers etc. They also included a return shipping label. Excellent customer service and company

Kristopher Coffman
Fantastic service and super friendly/helpful staff

I have been trying to solve a vibration at highway speeds after lifting my WJ for about a year now. I bought adjustable upper control arms to adjust the castor angle, I replaced the ujoints, and could not get rid of it. Swapped in a friends driveshaft and problem went away. Bought the Tom woods custom driveshaft. First one that came had the wrong yoke size on the differential side. A quick call and a few pictures later they shipped me a corrected one. Installed super easy and no more vibration. Wish I would have started here.

Tomáš Ouřada
1997 Grand Cherokee ZJ

The driveshaft that I ordered to order arrived in 11 days from ordering. I just have to point out that the shipment was to the Czech Republic.
There was no problem with the assembly and it works absolutely flawlessly with the 4 inch Rough Country lift.
Another driveshaft only Tom Wood's :-D