ZJ/WJ Grand Cherokee Front Shaft, Double Cardan-Rzeppa Conversion

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ZJ/WJ Front Drive Shaft Package

This package includes a 1310 series double cardan style drive shaft and a u-bolt style yoke for your pinion. This is what you need to eliminate that pesky cv joint at the axle end of your stock drive shaft and replace it with a u-joint. Works on vehicles with 4" of lift or less. If you have more than 4" of lift look here. This shaft is built using our premium XC spline and slip yoke. If your are interested in our shorter S spline, call to order.

Jeep Grand Cherokee front drive shaft replacement is a good idea for almost any ZJ or WJ version Grand Cherokee that is still running a stock drive shaft.  stock front drive shafts used fairly low grade components. Add a lift, bigger tires, and years of wear and tear and the result could be badly worn or even worse a broken stock drive shaft. Tom Wood's Grand Cherokee drive shafts are built using only the highest quality components. 

Key product features

  • 2" diameter 0.120" wall USA made DOM tube. 
  • Bigger and stronger than stock spline stub. 
  • Forged slip yoke. 
  • Greaseable CV center ball.
  • Your choice between Tom Wood's exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints.
  • Comes with new CV bolts with reduced head for ease of installation.
  • Best of all every shaft is custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.

IMPORTANT: Click the link below to make sure you are looking at the right product. This drive shaft package is a replacement for the Double Cardan-Rezeppa drive shaft. Once there, click the drive shaft photo to go to the tech page showing how to correctly measure.

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft.

Customer Reviews

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Quality with fast shipping

Everything came packed securely and looks and feels well made installation was quick and easy ill be ordering again soon for my other projects with confidence

Robby McIe
Very nice product

Installation was easy but no guidance on a recommended preload check before removing the pinion yoke. After I removed my old drive shaft, I removed the brakes and rotors to eliminate any resistance to the axels. I then used a 0-50in-lb “dial” torque wrench and measured my pre-load 5 times to get an average. Next, I removed and replaced the pinion yoke and then tightened in increments until I could achieve that average again. Overall the product is extremely well built. I do have a slight vibration at high speeds but that could be the grease caps belong left on. I’ll remove them and see if the vibration goes away. The shaft may not have been balanced with them on.

Drue B.
Happy customer....

I am very happy so far. My front drive shaft conversion kit for my ZJ came in a very timely manner. It was packaged well and had a nice finish. Seems to be very well built and had everything I needed for a quick easy install. I definitely recommend this for the daily driver/weekend warriors out there!!