NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator

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Slip Yoke Eliminator for all Jeep NP231 transfer cases. Choose between Advance Adapters or Teraflex brands, both kits are essentially the same design. We consider these to be the all around best slip yoke eliminator kit for nearly any vehicle with a 231 transfer case. This is an especially common slip yoke eliminator for TJ and YJ Wranglers. 

If you have a TJ Wrangler or a YJ Wrangler with more than 4 inches of lift and/or a raised transfer case, you may want to consider a Teraflex Extreme Short SYE. 

If you have upgraded axles and want to run a 1350 series rear drive shaft, you may want to consider our Super Duty SYE. Call for more details.

Watch the Advance Adapters SYE installation video below. Download the instructions for the Advance Adapters kit here: INSTRUCTIONS

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jordan Moon

I am happy to have the SYE for my jeep just another step forward to my build being finished it’s coming on 4 years now!

Dennis Grant
SYE Install on my 2006 Jeep TJ

The SYE upgrade went very well, pretty straight forward easier than I expected,,, it was needed on my 6 inch lift,, no more vibration!!!! I also purchased the Tom Wood driveshaft to complete the package, thanks for making my Jeep drivable again!!!

Michael Masse
SYE on 2003 Jeep TJ

Installed the SYE on my Jeep and it’s working great. Also bought the Tom Woods rear driveshaft and together what a difference. Took care of the vibrations in the driveline and so much better. After lifting my Jeep 3” the vibrations were terrible and this did the trick. So happy I got them both and back driving my Jeep.

Mike Heaton
Installed Slip Yoke Eliminator on a 96 1500 Dodge Ram 4x4

Was easier than I thought to convert the NP231 to a non-slip yoke, basically remove the old tail piece, split the case, swop out the shaft, bolt the casing back together with the new tailpiece. The hardest part was removing/installing the transfer case on the truck. What prompted me to make the conversion was the truck would develop a drivetrain vibration at 60 mph. I suspected the drive shaft slip yoke had too much play, I could move it up and down. After the conversion, test drove the truck and no vibration. Installing the new drive shaft was also easy, all parts included, that includes the yoke bolts. This was my third vehicle conversion. A very satisfied customer.

david schmitt
solved problem

I tried to avoid this by limiting my lift to 3.5" for my XJ. Rubicon Express lift was much higher than advertised. I had bad driveline vibration. This kit was not bad to install, plenty of YouTube videos. Fixed problem without even shimming the rear end. Using front driveshaft for the rear until new Tom Woods shaft arrives. Just do it, do not use a drop kit or shim your slip yoke system. Do it right.