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JK Rear Drive Shaft, 1350 Series

Jeep JK drive shaft noise. . . it is a common problem and is inevitable on nearly all lifted Jeep JK Wranglers. It comes down to the design. The stock drive shafts use Rzeppa CV joints that were designed only to work in stock Jeeps. Just a few inches of lift is enough to cause these CV joints to fail (watch the video below). JK drive shaft rebuild kits just don't cut it. That is why almost all JK drive shaft replacements are upgraded to a double cardan design (a double cardan is also commonly called a cv). This shaft will handle the angles that your stock drive shaft can not. The double cardan drive shaft is a time tested design that has proven itself in thousands of other Jeeps.

Tom Wood's 1350 series JK rear shaft comes with the required output yoke for the transfer case and the required pinion flange. 

If you have a suspension lift, you may need to rotate the differential for the CV type drive shaft. This is typically done with adjustable control arms. Pinion should be approximately 1 to 3 degree’s lower than the slope of the drive shaft.

Key product features

  • Double Cardan design. Eliminates problematic CV joints, torn CV boots are a thing of the past. 
  • 3" diameter 0.083" wall USA made DOM tube.  
  • Forged slip yoke. 
  • Greaseable double cardan center ball.
  • Your choice between Tom Wood's exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints.
  • Comes with required transfer case flange and pinion flange. (some "cheaper" shafts don't come with these necessary parts which means that you pay more in the long run)
  • Comes with all required attaching hardware.
  • Best of all every shaft can be custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.

IMPORTANT If you have 35” tires or bigger and stock differential gears, or if you plan on extreme use, this 1350 series drive shaft is the right shaft for you.

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct length shaft. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Darrell S
Jk 1350 rear driveshaft.

Ordered a pair of front and rear driveshafts. They were custom built and arrived a few days later. I was amazed how fast they can build them to my custom measurements and ship out. I opted for the .120 DOM.
Installation is straight forward if you know how to work on your jeep. The hardest part is getting your stock driveshafts out.
There is no vibration at all. I took my jeep out to Big Bear for a test drive on Gold Mountain and John Bull. The driveshafts had no issues.
I will continue to buy from Tom Woods in the future.

Richard H.
Update: One year and eight months later (~40,000 miles) . . .

Most of us write our reviews almost immediately after installation. Here, I want to offer a review after some time and mileage with my shafts.

I ran 1350s on both the front and rear, through two rural N. Idaho winters. I decided to pull them and do some servicing as recommended. The blue lubrication was just the same as it was when I pulled these shafts out of their boxes! The insides of the yokes were still shiny, indicating that the machining is . . . perfect.

I did need to apply a good scrubbing and fresh coat of paint, as the highway is heavily salted during the winters up here (totally normal and expected). This is without a doubt, the best money I've ever spent. Good work, guys!

Elton Onouye
Quality from start to finish

Couldn’t be happier with this company. From ordering to delivery to unboxing to install, couldn’t have been any easier. A quality company and products.
2016 JKU with front 1310 and rear 1350. Straightforward installations that fit like a glove. I chose this company because their yokes don’t use U-bolts, but now that shafts are installed it is much more than just that.
Will recommend to everyone looking to upgrade their driveshafts.
Thank you Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts!!!

Harley Pratt
2 Door Polar Edition

Approx. 2" lift over time caused the OEM rear drive shaft joint to leak grease and make a lot of noise and vibrate. The 1350 Tom Woods rear drive shaft fixed all the issues. No noise and vibrations are gone! Great customer service.


Liked everything!! From the customer service, ordering process, to the end result!! Vibrations are gone, geometry is much better!
Won’t go anywhere else for my Gladiator!!