Toyota Pickup Double Cardan Rear Drive Shaft

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Toyota Pickup CV Rear Drive Shaft

This is what you need if your early model Toyota Pickup is lifted and you are experiencing vibrations due to increased angles. Also a great upgrade for Toyota that came with a stock double cardan drive shaft. This is a rear shaft only and can be made any length you need from 35" to 60" long. If you need a shaft that is longer than 60" please call us. 801-737-0757. If you are looking for a front shaft look here. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, give us a call. 

Toyota drive shaft lengths and flange patterns vary. In our experience there is no single standard length or flange patterns for any particular model. To ensure that you get the right thing you will need to take a couple measurements before ordering your drive shaft. You need to measure the distance from your transfer case flange to your differential flange. You will also need to measure the bolt pattern at each end. It is important that you measure the bolt pattern on each end because they are often not the same at both ends.   

Key product features

  • Uses 1310 series universal joints. These are the most common size of u-joint there is. Replacement joints are much easier to find than stock Toyota style joints.
  • Shaft uses 2.5" diameter .083" wall DOM steel tubing. Better quality tubing than stock Toyota shafts use. Can be upgraded to a heavy duty .120" wall tube for extra dent resistance. 
  • Can be built using our greaseable Goldseal universal joints or non-greaseable  joints. 
  • Includes 8 new 10mm bolts and nuts which may be required at either end of the shaft. 

If you have any questions give us a call.

Watch this video for a demonstration on measuring. The vehicle in the video is a Tacoma but the concept is the same for any Toyota. 

Customer Reviews

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Nik LaCroix
A savior

In the process of replacing my u-joints on the stock Double Cardan of my 89 Toyota Pickup, I managed to crack the Double Cardan while pressing the new bearing in. It was a bummer, but quickly became a panic as I realized you can’t just buy a Double Cardan online. And as I’m sure you’re aware, you also can’t drive the truck without a driveshaft. I live in Alaska, so pick-a-part is not an option. I found Tom Woods website, measured my shaft, placed the order, and somehow…the shaft arrived at my door on the morning of the 3rd day. Unheard of. The quality was near perfect. It bolted right up with no issues, and I was back on the road 20 minutes after I unboxed it.
Lesson 1 - don’t crack your stock Toyota Double Cardan.
Lesson 2 - if you need a driveshaft, get one from Tom Woods.

Timothy Eschenfeldt
Was really excited

I bought this driveshaft late last summer and I was super excited about putting it into my Toyota pick up truck… first thing I noticed after receiving the driveshaft was the front flange that connects to the output shaft on the transfer case was wrong. The bolt holes were 10mm they were supposed to be 8mm I did not receive the correct driveshaft bolts either. I called them they told me just to hook it up anyways, I really should’ve sent the driveshaft back at that point, but I did what they asked me to do. Everything seemed great until mid winter, I kept hearing a strange pinging sound finally figured out it was the driveshaft, so I greased the Zirk fittings which helped a little bit… today I inspected the driveshaft and discovered what the issue had been one of the cheap no-name brand U joints had shattered and I’ve been trying to fix the problem all day. I thought they said these driveshafts come with Spicer U joints but that is definitely not what I got. Mine were some cheap cast U joint with a W mark on it and nothing else , I’m very disappointed this truck was my daily driver and all I have now I don’t know how I’ll get to work. I don’t take my truck off road there’s no reason this should’ve happened. I shouldn’t blame them but there’s no reason they shouldn’t of provided me with better customer service to begin with I knew there was something wrong and they just blew me off. I really don’t know what to say. They got me pretty good I really paid out for this thing and now it’s going to cost me who knows how much to fix this problem. I don’t want to sound too pitiful, but it hurts that you guys swindled me like this.

Jody Hernandez
Amazing quality and super fast shipping

I was looking at this driveline for a while because I lifted my truck and wasn’t sure if the issues I was having was my driveline but I pulled the trigger and within 4 days I got it. I don’t know what I waited for this was the best upgrade I have done on my truck! Super smooth and all my issues are gone! My truck is fun to drive again!! What are you wanting for it’s worth the money!!!

Excellent as always!!

Not my first driveshaft from Tom Woods and it won't be my last. Great quality and fast shipping, what more can you ask for!!


Fit perfect. No vibrations. Will definitely order from Tom woods again!