XJ Cherokee Rear Shaft, Stock Type

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Stock XJ Rear Drive Shaft

Rear drive shaft for Jeep XJ Cherokee. Stock type shaft for vehicles with no lift and no slip yoke eliminator. Built using either our Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints. If your Jeep is lifted and you are experiencing vibrations or other problems due to increased angles, your Jeep will require a slip yoke eliminator and double cardan drive shaft. 

IMPORTANT You must measure the joint size where the shaft attaches to the rear axle. There are two possible joint sizes. Select the size that fits your yoke. 

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft.

We recommend a new set of straps and bolts to securely attach your new drive shaft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Norton
Great workmanship

I am pleased with the quality and fit, just like the two I previously bought for our other Jeep. Thanks for keeping us on the trail!

Anthony Camoratto
Excellent Product

Part arrived quickly and in perfect shape due to being and well packaged. Drive shaft installed easily and I appreciated the instructions on the web site. I took the old one off to measure for the new one and after I reinstalled it I had a slight rumble when I drove it. Happily, that resolved when I installed the new one.

James Gavello
No more vibration

New u-joints on a 30 year old driveshaft on my XJ didn't cut it. With the new shaft the vibration was gone. Great company and quality product.

gradon (naxja and jeepstrokers)
No more Vibes!

I’ve seen Tom Woods’ driveshafts mentioned in high regard over the years on NAXJA. I had the over-60mph-vibes that weren’t due to unbalanced wheels or tires. I tried new u-joints on the 22 year-old driveshaft and it didn’t help—the old one was still wobbly. I put my order in and had this new beauty on the other side of the states in less than a week! I would absolutely buy another from them.

Joshua Downs
Great stock replacement

Don't have an urge to go SYE on my mostly stock XJ but I was having a strange high frequency vibe at 30-35 that nothing I did could fix, even tried multiple u-joint replacements and having the stock shaft rebalanced. No more vibes XJ goes down the road like glass.