YJ Rear Drive Shaft, Stock Type

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Stock Type YJ Rear Drive Shaft

Rear drive shaft for Jeep YJ. Stock type shaft for vehicles with no lift and no slip yoke eliminator. If your jeep is lifted you should install a slip yoke eliminator and run a double cardan rear shaft. Can be built using either our exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints.

Jeep YJ rear drive shaft lengths vary a bit and we want to make sure you get the right thing. That is why we require a length measurement before building the shaft. Measuring is simple and easy. You can read more about how to measure in the link below. 

IMPORTANT The '87-'93 model YJs use a 1310 series yoke at the axle. '94 and '95 models used a wider 1330 series joint. Please select the correct year for your Jeep in the drop down menu. 

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft.

We recommend a new set of straps and bolts to securely attach your new drive shaft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Wayne Grow
Looks great!Can't wait to get it on the trail

The original shaft that was built had the wrong u joint installed but this was caught early before it was shipped and a new one built the very next day and shipped They were very quick to fix the problem. Once I received The shaft appearance was good. Welds all look good. perfect fit as ordered. Remember the fit will only be as good as the measurements that you give them. i'll recommend Tom Woods to anybody.

Steve Larson
Shiny new drive shaft for my 35 year old Jeep

When my old drive shaft decided to part ways going down the road I figured I should look into a new one. After spending a couple hours watching videos and reviewing so much information from the website I couldn't decide. One quick phone call regarding sealed or greaseable u-joints I made up my mind (I chose the u-joints with the zerk fittings on the end cap), everything was delivered on time as promised. The installation went off without a problem and greasing these u-joints will no longer be a question if I got enough grease in them.

Dorian Ligon
Grateful customer

As the owner of Tom Woods front and rear drive shafts, I not only am very with the product but when speaking with representatives was truly impressed. Not only did they HEAR ME they were knowledgeable, patient and courteous. I am a PROUD OWNER of your products.

Lance McCray
A+++ driveshaft

The driveshaft shipped the same day the order was placed. It arrived quickly and installed it. No issues at all. I will definitely we doing business with you again.

Nick Kivett
Fit Right Up

Service was fast, great price, drive shaft fit right up and works as it should.